How Integration of Your LMS and CRM Can Increase Your Sales Revenues

How Integration of Your LMS and CRM Can Increase Your Sales Revenues

How Integration of Your LMS and CRM Can Increase Your Sales Revenues

How can you impart the best training to your sales people? What does it take to effectively harness sales data to build good product training programs? Well, you need to integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with a Learning Management System (LMS).

A CRM system is a repository of customer and buyer transaction data, which enables firms to formulate the right sales strategies. An LMS, on the other hand, is a software application that allows you to host, manage and track training programs in an effective manner. You can use the LMS to generate course-wise and user-wise reports and evaluate the progress of the learner and the efficacy of the course.

Let us now see how the proper integration of your CRM system and LMS can help train your sales staff better and drive revenues.

Provides the ability to monitor and streamline the sales training

It is very important to ensure your sales staff is trained to respond effectively to changing customer tastes and preferences. By integrating your CRM system and LMS, you can seamlessly get the necessary data to measure the efficacy of your product sales training programs in meeting buyer needs, and this is very useful to optimize the training programs for your sales folk.

Enables the organization to train members of the extended enterprise effectively

Staying on with sales training, the integration of your LMS and CRM system can go a long way in imparting good training to your business partners and customers. The data provided by the integration helps you make sure the content of your certification programs meets the needs of the learners in the extended enterprise.

Helps transform learner data into business leads

Most B2B sales organizations offer training services to their vendors, customers and channel partners, and the learner data stored in your LMS can be a good source of business leads. Effective LMS-CRM system integration can ensure hassle-free flow of the learner data to the sales department which can use it to scout for potential buyers. You can also use the learner data to create targeted mailing lists and communicate effectively with prospective customers.

Facilitates effective selling of training services

Many firms are selling their training services online, and the integration of your LMS and CRM systems can facilitate effective sales of these services. Organizations can the link the integrated system to their ERP software and automate the invoicing process for the online training content sold, and this helps complete the transaction smoothly.


Proper integration of your LMS and CRM system is very useful to develop result-oriented sales training programs. The integration generates data that helps optimize the training for your sales force and develop good learning programs for your business partners and customers. The learner data in your LMS can be used for prospecting customers. You can tie the integrated system with your ERP applications to facilitate the effective sale of your training services. Hope you find this post useful. Do share your views.

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