How to Overcome the Top 5 Training Challenges Faced by Sales Managers

How to Overcome the Top 5 Training Challenges Faced by Sales Managers

How to Overcome the Top 5 Training Challenges Faced by Sales Managers

Are recruiting and training challenges robbing you – a sales manager – of your sleep? Bid them goodbye and read how to overcome them.

Hiring Sales Reps

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, employers spend an average of 41 days to fill technical sales jobs as compared with an average of 33 days for other jobs. Hiring sales reps is a challenge most of you wish didn’t exist. Though some sales managers like to interview many candidates before shortlisting the final few, some others focus on an organized and rigorous selection process. Hence, you can design a questionnaire, which deals with the basic best practices of selling. The candidates can be asked to take the test and assessed based on their scores. This filtration helps identify who is to be called up for the final face-to-face interview. This procedure condenses your hiring hierarchy.

Training Sales Reps

Once the new hires are onboard, your concern of training them on job skills and responsibilities arises. You wish they could quickly display their selling skills but, unless trained aptly on sales skills and product knowledge, they can’t be sent out to sell. They can neither be given plenty of time to hone up their sales skills, nor can they be expected to sell immediately. They need to be trained and apply the training simultaneously. Hence, if you select mobile learning as a training option, you can train your sales reps and also expect them to sell.

As sales reps are constantly on the go, training them under a roof may not be feasible. So, designing a mobile learning course they may access at their convenient hour and place would be a better option. Mobiles being Gen Y sales reps’ best buddies, their access to product knowledge training or selling techniques is just a few taps away.

Reinforcing Training

After a successful training session, you need to arrange for a training reinforcement session. The absence of reinforced training can lead to zero acquired knowledge. Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve states that the human brain tends to forget newly acquired knowledge within hours, days, or weeks. Hence, no training lasts beyond a month, no matter how effective it was. So, reinforcing training is essential and Microlearning can play an effective role in reinforcement. Microlearning is learning that is imparted in short bite-sized modules. Those short, digestible knowledge nuggets can be consumed by sales reps just-in-time to acquire knowledge instantly.

Tracking Sales reps

Once the sales reps are on the field for negotiations or sales closure, you need to track their activities. There are various mobile sales apps such as Sellsy, Repsly, Insightly, etc. that can form an organized and well-structured client database. You can share them with your reps on their mobile devices for instant reference. These apps let you know when to organize your reps’ field activities. They also help access visual reports with statistics, filter data, and get prompt results. Even the work and mileage of the sales reps can be tracked through these apps. There’s ease in documentation also, as sending and signing documents, filing agreements etc., can be done in no time.

Assessing Course Completion

Another challenge most training managers face is evaluating the course completion rates of new hires. Course completion matters as a lot of time and money is invested in developing a sales and product e-learning training program. If sales reps aren’t seriously trained on all the aspects they are supposed to be, it can lead to inefficient business outcomes. Hence, a Learning Management System (LMS) is a choice you can’t afford to miss. An LMS can help you track your sales reps’ training activity. It assists in figuring out who took the course completely, which modules were time-consuming, which quiz questions were missed by most of the reps, etc. This tracking helps you know learners’ as well as your course’s drawbacks. So, you can modify your course as per the learners’ comprehensive abilities to make them more learner-friendly.

Hope the remedies suggested in the blog are useful to you in overcoming the recruiting and training challenges you face, at the moment.

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