HIPAA Compliance Training Made Easy with E-learning

HIPAA Compliance Training Made Easy with E-learning

HIPAA Compliance Training Made Easy with E-learning

HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. It provides healthcare providers the ability to transfer and continue health insurance coverage for millions of American workers and their families, when they change or lose their jobs. This act aims to reduce healthcare fraud and abuse. It also mandates industry-wide standards for healthcare information on electronic billing and other processes.

 It goes without saying that this compliance act plays a crucial role in the regular working of professionals within the healthcare industry. This means everyone working in hospitals, medical offices, medical billing & collection companies, health insurance providers, medical device companies, and many others, need to be HIPAA compliant. However, this is easier said than done as the Healthcare industry is fast-paced and hectic. Getting the concerned target group under one roof for a classroom training session might be next to impossible. That’s why you should use a digital learning program to impart HIPAA compliance training that makes a difference. Let’s explore some advantages of doing so:

 Scenario-based Learning

HIPAA compliance training mainly consists of dos and don’ts, which can get a little dull in a traditional classroom session. E-learning courses utilize scenario-based learning to bring this compliance training to life. It relies on creating fictional, but relatable, scenarios that incorporate the privacy and security concerns of your customers. Scenarios involving real-world situations or challenges based on these concerns will teaches employees how to avoid and deal with breaches.

Game-based or Gamification Content

This is another engaging way e-learning can lighten the mood of HIPAA compliance content. Game-based learning essentially means using games to convey your subject matter across to your audience. Games are specially designed keeping in mind your setup and relevant patient-information security concerns. For e.g., say you are a Hospital, you can easily create a game around the entire process of patient care, including admission, diagnostics, treatment, and discharge. When learners play such games, their mind sub-consciously picks up the necessary security and privacy procedures they need to follow in their work regime.

E-learning programs can also gamify your ordinary HIPAA related content using gaming elements such as points, levels, scores, badges, leaderboards, etc.

 Microlearning Nuggets

Healthcare professionals might receive HIPAA compliance training at very specific times, like when they join the organization. This may cause a considerable time difference between the training and the actual usage of the knowledge, which in turn can cause gaps in the knowledge and understanding of your employees. Digital learning can provide a bridge to link this gap in the form of microlearning.

These are basically bite-sized learning nuggets, usually accessed through a mobile device, which convey one single topic. Employees can quickly access them right when they need support while executing a task. This refreshes their memory with the most crucial information, thereby greatly reducing the chances of an HIPAA security and privacy breach.

Advanced Feedback

It is very important to know the effectiveness of your HIPAA compliance training to see if you are on the right path. With e-learning programs, you can do this in two ways. The first is online assessments, which test employees’ grasp and application of the learning. The second is by gathering real time employee feedback, through surveys or checklists, on your training program. Employee feedback helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your HIPAA compliance program and make improvements in future courses.

With e-learning, you can rest assured that your organization is going to be completely HIPAA compliant in no time. For such an industry-specific training, it is necessary that you create high-quality e-learning courses. Being non-compliant can have severe legal ramifications, so even if you face a little uncertainty related to your content, it is best advised you get in touch with a e-learning vendor having ample experience in delivering top-notch HIPAA compliance training.

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