Making New Hires in Your Sales Team Contribute Quickly and Effectively

Making New Hires in Your Sales Team Contribute Quickly and Effectively

Making New Hires in Your Sales Team Contribute Quickly and Effectively

Are you hiring new salespersons? How can you see that these people perform well in quick time? What does it take to develop a winning training program for your newly-recruited sales staff? Well, here are 5 things you need to do.

1. Explain the vision of your company and how sales teams can help achieve it

Your new sales people need to know the vision of your company and how they can contribute towards its achievement. It is very important to explain what is expected out of them, so that they concentrate their efforts accordingly.

It is a good idea to use bite-sized videos containing messages from the CEO or other members of the top brass to convey the vision of the organization. You can use short online courses to educate them on their roles and responsibilities.

2. Give them a good idea of your company and its product lines

This is an important aspect to consider, while training your new sales staff members. You need to see that they are fully aware of the nature of business of your firm. You also need to make sure that they know the product lines of your company.

You can use micro-learning modules to explain the business of your organization and list its product lines. One of our clients in the consumer electronic domain uses product tables and images to indicate its product lines.

3. Impart training on your sales process and explain the features and benefits of “individual” products

Your new salespersons need to have thorough knowledge of your sales process to perform effectively. They also need to be coached on the features and benefits of the products they sell, so that they can convince potential customers to buy them.

You can use e-learning courses containing flow diagrams to explain the steps involved in your sales process in an effective manner. You can use online nuggets to train your sales staff on the features and benefits of using your products.

4. Provide them a list of competitors and their products 

A sales training program is incomplete without information about competitors and their offerings. This is important to differentiate their products from those of their competitors and highlight the former’s superior features.

“Inforsels” containing product tables and comparison charts are very useful to provide information on your competitors’ products. Consider the following scenario.

 A salesman of a washing machine manufacturer is interacting with a customer. The customer wants to know how his product is betterthanthat of his firm’s competitor. The salesman accesses a micro-learning module on his iPad and gets the information about the competitor’s product. He uses the information to compare the two products and convinces the customer that his product is superior.

5. Train them well on your sales automation software 

Many companies have automated their sales processes and use software applications to enhance sales efficiencies. It is important to train sales personnel on these applications effectively to increase their productivity.

You can use a blended learning approach to impart training on sales automation software. Classroom sessions can be used to teach concepts involved in using the software, while self-paced e-learning courses containing simulations help employees master the applications. For example, a company can provide training on the theoretical aspects of using a Salesforce application in a classroom, while online courses containing simulations can be used to practice the steps in using the tools and gain expertise.

Thus, by focusing on these 5 aspects, you can deliver good training to your sales people and enable them to contribute effectively in quick time. Hope you liked this post.

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