Using Evernote to Deliver Product Sales Training Better

Using Evernote to Deliver Product Sales Training Better

Using Evernote to Deliver Product Sales Training Better

Evernote – a multi-platform application used by millions of users to take notes, organize information and archive it. This powerful “freemium” software is widely used by professionals to improve their work efficiencies. Today, we will see how this useful app can help product sales managers perform their jobs better.

Product sales training tasks can be executed smoothly

Product sales managers are busy people. They need to co-ordinate with various stakeholders to ensure that their sales teams are trained in “synch” with product releases. They need to perform a number of tasks such as scheduling product training programs, tracking their implementation and recording feedback from learners. A “to-do” checklist will go a long way in helping the product sales manager execute his tasks more effectively. It is advisable to use Evernote to create the list of tasks to be performed in the day and store all necessary material needed to execute them well. Consider the following scenario.

At the beginning of the workday, a product training manager uses Evernote to “record” that a meeting would be held later in the day to review the progress of a newly launched training program. He organizes all the material needed for the meeting, including the reports generated by the Learning Management System (LMS), with Evernote. He then immerses himself in work. At the designated time, the application reminds him of the meeting. He attends the meeting and uses the material to make his point effectively.

Useful information is not lost to memory

It is well-known that product sales managers strive hard to improve the quality of the training programs delivered to their people. They look to the Internet for new ideas and attend workshops. When they find something interesting on a website or like what a speaker says in a seminar, they can capture the information using Evernote. One of our clients, a product training manager of a consumer electronics company, notes useful points from websites and organizes them into an “idea book”. No longer is useful information at the mercy of his memory.

Effective collaboration with various product sales training stakeholders is possible

Proper collaboration with various stakeholders is necessary to develop a good product sales training program. People belonging to marketing, sales, and customer support teams bring in their thoughts about providing the best value to the customer. Thanks to globalization, in many cases, the stakeholders are dispersed in different parts of the world. Evernote can be utilized as a “virtual whiteboard” by international teams to share information and exchange views. For instance, a customer support team of a California-based software company, operating from India, can use Evernote to collaborate effectively with the product sales manager in the United States.

Evernote enables product sales managers to perform their work in an effective manner and use information efficiently. The application allows them to share their thoughts with various stakeholders, thereby helping them develop training programs of high efficacy. Hope you find this post interesting. Do share your views.

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