5 Ingredients for End User ERP Training [Infographic]


This blog post puts the spotlight on the 5 ingredients for successful end user ERP training.

5 Ingredients for End User ERP Training [Infographic]

Several organizations are implementing ERP solutions in order to enhance their operational efficiency by streamlining processes. But is installing the ERP software and creating a team of employees to use it enough? No. End user training is mandatory when it comes to ERP implementation. If end users have no knowledge of how to use the ERP software, the effort, time and money invested in the software would be futile.

To know more about end user ERP training and 5 best practices, check out the Infographic 5 Ingredients for End User ERP Training.

5 Ingredients for End User ERP Training [Infographic]

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  • http://Jeremy%20Potoka

    4/12/2016 at 8:42 pm

    Great list of ingredients for ERP training. I like the emphasis on sharing with staff the time-saving goals to accomplish tasks quicker and better than before. One thing that I’ve found helpful with our End User ERP Training is to give supervisors/managers visibility into their end user’s progress. This provides another layer of communication, visibility and accountability.

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