Looking for an Improved Corporate Training Solution: E-Learning is the Key

Looking for an Improved Corporate Training Solution: E-Learning is the Key

Looking for an Improved Corporate Training Solution: E-Learning is the Key

Corporate training involves skill development in order to enhance the performance of the employees in an organization. Corporate training has become the need of the hour and helps to survive the tough competition of the market. Also, to stand successful against such competition, an organization should not undermine a corporate training program. It opens new vistas to learn new and work better. Corporate training is very beneficial during obvious situations such as new learning, internal paradigm shifts within workplace which may not be optional.

Corporate training types: Training may be provided on various aspects such as product training, compliance training, behavioral training, sales training, on the job, customer service, and so on. It easily incorporates new technologies into learning so that hands on experience become a feasible approach. Corporate training is quite flexible for the learners to learn and implement.

It may be well said that effective training is the basis for a successful training solution. When a best remedy is not applied properly, the result is zero. Similarly an incorrect method of delivering corporate training may bring in an ineffective solution. The training format should equip the learners with the required knowledge and skills and help meet organizational objectives. The methodology should enable the learner to improve productivity.

A report by the Corporate Learning Fact book 2014, published by the firm Bersin by Deloitte, organizations in the US have spent about $70 billion on L&D activities. So, selecting an appropriate channel to deliver the corporate training program is very essential. Also organizations should go for the right development partner that can help the workforce with the right learning methodology with different custom training solutions.

Let us take a look into some of the limitations of corporate training.

Corporate training-its limitations:

  • Training people from different departments may be challenging and time consuming.
  • Trainers may have to travel in order to deliver training that may again differ from each other and may not be standardized.
  • Also it may be very expensive to bring trainers from different locations which may incur transportation cost, training material and so on.

Despite the limitations of corporate training, corporate training is very effective with e-learning.

E-learning transforms the Corporate training arena:

  • E-learning is flexible and does not disrupt the existing work schedule of the employees. Learners across the globe may access the e-learning course as per their choice.
  • Also, information is providing in smaller learning formats that keeps the learner enthusiastic throughout the course.
  • E-learning is self-paced and the learner may take training as per his convenience. It is not person dependent. The learner may complete the course according to his feasibility.
  • With good translations of online courses, e-learning is easy to be implemented globally.
  • E-learning ensures consistency in format and content delivery.
  • Reduces update roll out time as manual printing is not needed.
  • E-learning courses may be customized in order to meet the training needs of different audience.
  • Multi device compatibility – courses are developed and are made accessible to multiple devices.
  • Just-in-time learning – learners demand just-in-time information in smaller learning nuggets, just at the time when the task is at hand.
  • Quick information roll out: lesser development time is taken and courses are to be developed faster within weeks.
  • Conversion of legacy courses: demand to convert existing Flash based courses into HTML5 so that they are accessible to multiple devices.
  • Personalized learning: courses are expected to be personalized and adaptive as per the learners needs.

A report by workforce.com, an HR magazine, 73.6% of the technology-enabled training in Fortune 500 companies is delivered through, online methods.

So, with these facts the popularity of e-learning may be well understood over other training formats. E-learning is widely accepted because it is very flexible and cost effective than an instructor-led training.

E-learning has drastically changed the way training is imparted to the workforce. New innovations have helped organizations to build better e-learning courses and to make optimum use of every dollar spent.

Thus, corporate training enhances the skill set of the learners. Blending e-learning with corporate training transforms the entire landscape of corporate training in order to achieve the organizational goals and brings about an effective outcome.

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