Taking Advantage of E-learning for Industrial Products Sales

Taking Advantage of E-learning for Industrial Products Sales

Taking Advantage of E-learning for Industrial Products Sales

Industrial Product sales is a very different league in the sales world ….. This is due to the fact the sales cycle is usually longer than that of other products. It starts from the RFQ stage and ends with winning the order, in other words it is a process of converting a prospect into a customer.

The specialized nature of purchasing a high value machinery requires buying decisions which encompass a broad spectrum of queries from the prospect ranging from technical, maintenance to commercial aspects.

An e-learning can be created for the prospects with the objective of making them well informed; this will reduce the time and energy of the sales team. The e-learning can include manufacturing standards and certifications, environmental compliance, maintenance and downtime schedules.

Most of the time, a group of people jointly make the purchasing decision. The group is usually composed of SMEs from various departments and hence, an e-learning course can be designed to impart information about the machinery/equipment which can ease the flow of the sales cycle. The most effective way of creating this e-learning for the prospects is a video-based course with small clips generated from the different criteria of product selection.

The above mentioned e-learning can be created with the help of an e-learning vendor who can create excellent e-learning courses with the objective of turning prospects into clients. With the help of SME from the machinery manufacturer, the e-learning vendor can make a suitable e-learning course of duration 30 min to 45 min which can smoothen the entire sales process and help the company win the order.

The cost of creating such an e-learning course which usually starts around $5000 can be included in the cost of sales which is a small amount compared to the sale of machinery/equipment which usually has a price tag of around and above $1 million.

Thus, a small amount invested in e-learning can act as a supplement or even act as catalyst in the sales flow process and help win large orders.

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