The Myriad Ways E-learning Aids your FCPA Compliance Training Programs

‘Comply with Regulations’ - Why Use eLearning to Convey this Message to your Organization?

The Myriad Ways E-learning Aids your FCPA Compliance Training Programs

According to a recent statistic, total fines and penalties paid to resolve cases involving alleged FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977) violations have exceeded $1 billion annually in recent years.

Though organizations impart FCPA compliance training, what might be the reasons for it not being effective enough? There might be many among which, employees’ interest, retention, awareness, and motivation to comply might be a few. E-learning can help resolve these issues by providing engaging and interactive courses that not only grab the interest of your employees, but also help them retain and apply the learned compliance rules and regulations in their workplace.

Let us look at how different types of e-learning can aid your FCPA compliance training.


An awareness of what comes under bribery and what doesn’t is a must. Why? Sometimes, bribes can come in the form of gifts, trips, or other entertainment and your employees should be able to identify them. They can be trained on what actions might result in bribery using scenarios or games.

According to a recent statistic, high profile cases often involve million dollar bribes exchanged for multi-million dollar contracts, but there have been FCPA cases involving bribes for as little as $100. 

Gamification or game-based learning can help your employees understand the various policies that come under bribery in a motivating and engaging way. For examples, you can present a game which deducts points whenever the character in the game is involved in an act of bribery. Your employees need to win maximum points in order to level up and the only way to do it is to make the character not commit any breach.

If at all your employees take a wrong step, apart from point deduction, a small feedback giving them more knowledge and information about the FCPA bribery act should be provided. This way of learning kills the boredom of compliance training and provides your employees an incentive to perform better.

Awareness on who is considered a Foreign Official

This is yet another part of FCPA compliance training that needs to be meted out to your employees. Why? It is challenging to differentiate between foreign officials and purely private parties in places such as China, other parts of Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Central and South America.

Technology-enabled resources such as SlideShares, videos, and flip cards can be used to impart knowledge about this to your employees. For example, a slideshare using interactive animations can be used to depict the differences between a foreign official and a purely private party. Flip cards can be used for just-in-time learning or quick reinforcement of information regarding who is considered a foreign official.

Training your foreign affiliates on FCPA compliance

Training your foreign business partners located in high risk jurisdictions can be quite challenging. E-learning provides you the ease of translating your already existing FCPA compliance courses into their local languages. This helps them understand and learn better about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and comply with it.

Transaction risks

It is highly important to comply with the FCPA act while performing any foreign transactions. Contributions — be it charitable or political — need to be meted out carefully. The same should be followed while obtaining licenses and permits. Awareness about these needs to be imparted to your employees.

Scenarios can be ideal to help your employees understand the various transactional risks associated with interacting with foreign officials. For example, a scenario depicting different types of transactions resulting in a breach can be used to help your employees retain the information and apply it in their workplace.

Last but not the least; incidence response training can be provided using videos with rich simulations. These videos can help your employees understand what actions to take immediately if at all a breach occurs. Videos are visually appealing and more retentive compared to traditional training.

Using e-learning can make your FCPA compliance training more retentive, effective and flexible to your local and global employees.

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