Digital Resources – The E-weapons for Customer Training

Digital Resources - The E-weapons for Customer Training

Digital Resources - The E-weapons for Customer Training

It’s no secret anymore that customer training is an important aspect for any organization to ensure better sales. You may sell a product or service, but it is important that your customers benefit from it. Especially, if your product or service is new to the market, customer training must be one of your top priorities. So what can be done to facilitate an effective learning experience to the customers?

As customers are more digitally connected than ever before, providing customer training digitally can be an ideal thought. Providing digital resources can be the way! Wondering what digital resources are? These are learning nuggets that are provided in different formats. Here I have listed a few digital resources that are very effective for customer training.


When people have started spending more time in front of a digital screen than printed books, it is wise that we transform our paper books into eBooks. These are similar to the reference manuals given in classroom training sessions, but are digital. They are a very useful resource in any training situation. They can also be made more engaging by embedding interactive elements such as audio, video and external links.


Videos communicate information effectively with visual impact. Learners can learn and retain important information easily. As the content is visually rich, the knowledge shared is retained for a longer period. Videos are so versatile they can be used in almost any training situation. They are particularly beneficial for product demos, process demonstrations, and new employee training.


Information in the form of a graphical presentation makes it easier for learners to understand better. Such information can be better recalled as it is retained for a longer time. Infographics can be used to represent different concepts such as complicated processes, features and benefits of a product, or safety measures.


Podcasts are short audio files that are extracted from an e-learning course or created as a part of e-learning courses. They could also be independent training resources developed according to different learning requirements. They are fast, easy and inexpensive to develop compared to media embedded courses. They are portable and learners can listen to them during their free time.

These resources can be made available over the Internet and can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device so that customers can access them anytime and anywhere. These digital resources can be helpful not only customers to but also to the employees during the course of their work.

These were some of the digital resources I thought will be helpful for effective customer training. Do you know any such digital resources? If you know any, please share them in the comments section below.

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