One Size Doesn’t Fit All When it Comes to Compliance Training! Go for Custom E-learning

One Size Doesn’t Fit All When it Comes to Compliance Training! Go for Custom E-learning

One Size Doesn’t Fit All When it Comes to Compliance Training! Go for Custom E-learning

With organizations expanding globally, compliance training needs have also diversified. One size no longer fits all when it comes to compliance training. As many organizations are adopting technology based solutions for training purposes, using customized e-learning courses would be ideal for compliance training. Let us look at the reasons in detail.

Feed the Need

Off-the-shelf courses offer content that is generic and might not specifically address your organization’s compliance needs. One example is corporate compliance. Although there are general compliance rules all corporate organizations need to follow, your organization might have more personalized rules on which your employees need to be trained. In this case, an off-the-shelf course would not suffice. One more example would be regulatory compliance policies, as they might differ from country to country. Using a generic compliance course for training the employees in these two countries would be a blunder. A customized compliance course addressing the specific regulatory compliance rules and regulations should be designed and implemented in order to achieve the right outcomes.

Afraid to Update?

With the use of custom e-learning for compliance training courses, you no longer need to be afraid to update. Making enhancements or updates would no longer be expensive or burdensome. Customized compliance courses bring in the ease of updating whenever a new compliance policy is added or revised. This is because you will have the source file of your customized course and can update easily. You need not approach the vendor as in the case of off-the-shelf courses. You would be having complete ownership of the product whether it is customizing, updating or revising, and the course will be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Relevant Content

Although every employee is mandated to take the compliance course, depending on their roles and responsibilities, the course detail and depth differs. For example, employees in the technical department need to undergo detailed information security compliance training. Employees at the managerial level need to be concerned about various IT security issues which employees at a lower level do not need to. Although IT security compliance is mandatory for every employee, the depth and intensity of the training might differ based on the roles and responsibilities of your employees.

When it comes to a corporate compliance course, the vendor may not know enough about your core business to develop a compliance course that addresses all your rules and regulations. Therefore, the generic course he offers might not completely cover your compliance rules and might not share your organization’s values. Customized compliance courses share your organization’s compliance rules and policies, making them more relevant to your employees.

Custom e-learning in general, offers a greater Return On Investment (ROI) compared to stagnant courses. Customized compliance training courses would be more relevant, consider your organization’s rules and are tailored meet your specific compliance needs.

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