5 Compliance Blind Spots that can Lead to Ineffective Compliance Trainings

5 Compliance Blind Spots that can Lead to Ineffective Compliance Trainings

5 Compliance Blind Spots that can Lead to Ineffective Compliance Trainings

Despite pooling your best efforts to train your employees on various compliances, there is always a chance of compliance blind spots sprouting in your organization. A lot of factors contribute to this scenario, but there are 5 top ones which you might want to take into consideration. These 5 factors need to be addressed as they might even have the power to undermine your compliance trainings.

Communication failure

Without proper compliance communication, there will be no awareness among your employees on the importance of abiding to the various compliance rules and regulations. This creates a lack of seriousness among your employees. So even if you provide best in class training courses, your employees would be reluctant to perform their best or retain it.

Trust gap/Cynicism

Although a lot of factors contribute to the trust gap or cynicism among your employees, the major one would be the workplace behavior of top level and managerial level executives. Actions speak louder than words, and unless your actions reflect what you preach, your employees would be cynical about them. Therefore, workplace behavior is as important as the compliance training, or as one might inarguably say, it can kindle or put off your training’s effectiveness. 

Fear of owning the problem

Some compliance breaches do not take place overnight. They are the descendants of a long problem that has either been unnoticed by executives or unreported by employees. Even though an employee of your organization sees and suspects misconduct, he might not be willing to report it. Why? One reason could be the fear of owning the problem and feeling that he would be held responsible or overworked for it. For this to change, along with the compliance training, you can include how employees have the freedom to come and report any suspicious breaches. 

Passing the buck

Sometimes a managerial employee might notice a window for a breach but could be afraid to report it. Why? Maybe because he must have noticed when it’s too late. Or it could be any other concern of his, resulting in the thought process of “With acknowledgement comes blame”. This can be changed by including these details in the compliance communication videos, encouraging everyone to report any misconduct or windows for breaches. 


“Ah, it is highly unlikely for it to happen in our organization!” These are some common feelings you might hear when it comes it various compliance rules and regulations. Never underestimate the chances of compliance breaches, however unlikely they seem. Awareness about the different ways in which it occurred in unsuspecting organizations and their case studies might help reduce this issue.

Considering these factors along with the compliance training might help not only reduce the room for compliance blind spots but also make your compliance training more effective.

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