Role of Communication in ERP Training

Role of Communication in ERP Training

Role of Communication in ERP Training

In an organization when employees hear that a new “system” is going to be implemented, their first expression would not be very enthusiastic as they will have to learn the new system and make themselves more efficient and valuable to the company. Therefore, what can an organization do to help their employees prepare for and adapt the new ERP system? Communicate the implementation of the new ERP system through training.

Communication and training are both important elements in an organizational change management program undertaken in combination with ERP implementation. But to provide a cost effective training, e-learning is the best solution, it saves time, money and effort for organizations when implementing an ERP system. ERP training can be invested not only to educate employees but also to communicate about the ERP system with employees organization wide.

Therefore organizations should communicate:

Importance of Change

Communicating about the change and the value of the ERP system implementation will motivate employees to take the training. Employees will generally look for what’s in it for them. It is important to clearly explain to employees the benefits of attending the ERP training. This way, they will come to know how to perform a specific task and why to perform it.


Organizations should communicate with the employees as early as possible. It is very important to communicate both the organizational and training goals and tell how these will be aligned. This way, it allows employees to start planning for the training sessions.


Communication and training should be consistent and continue throughout the ERP system implementation. Employees may not retain what they have learned if trainings are not conducted regularly. Also, organizations try to update the software with new features. Hence, it is highly necessary for organizations provide continuous training to the employees to help them stay up-to-date.

Communicate and listen

Listening to employees plays an important role in communicating effectively. Organizations should conduct surveys regularly to measure the efficacy of the training.

While organizations implement an ERP system, investing and providing enough time for trainings results in a greater return on investment. Therefore in organizational change management, every part should be based on communication and training.

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