Rationale of Using Webinars to Generate Grassroots Demand

Rationale of Using Webinars to Generate Grassroots Demand

Marketing pundits say that a prospective customer goes through five different states of communication of awareness, as far as your products and services are concerned. Starting with total unawareness he goes to awareness, and then comprehension or understanding it, which is more than awareness. He is then convinced that it is a good product that is useful to him. Finally, he takes an action by buying it, trying it, visiting a store, or calling the company.

5 stages of the communication spectrum

5 Stages of Communication Spectrum

Usually, the transition from unawareness to awareness, and awareness to comprehension is done through the use of mass media tools or mass media promotional tools such as

  • advertising,
  • public relations,
  • trade shows, and
  • seminars

The ‘conviction’ and the ‘action’ activities of the communication spectrum are usually done by the person selling, i.e., by the sales force.

However, webinars address all the five stages of the communication spectrum. That is why organizations globally are exploiting the potential of webinars to reach out to their employees, extended stakeholders and customers.

Webinar as a presentation can be made on the web either in real time or offline. With the kind of globalization that is currently in vogue, organizations are increasingly using webinars to communicate with their prospective and existing customers. This is particularly true in case of B2B organizations.

Webinars to create awareness and comprehension of your products

Webinars are cost-effective methods to build awareness about your product. For example, if you are dealing with high-precision equipment, you can talk about the best practices of using the equipment through a webinar. Alternatively, you could identify the typical problems encountered by your target buyers and how your products help them to overcome their problems. The essence is to be knowledge partners of your prospective buyers, subtly educating them about your products and solutions. It takes care of the first three stages of the communication spectrum.

Webinars to develop conviction and generate demand for your products

What about conviction and action stages of the communication spectrum? Let’s say your potential customer is convinced about your product and decides to purchase it. As with any B2B products, you may be dealing with the purchase manager who finalizes the products. The end users may be different and spread across different areas. It may not always be possible for them to physically come for product orientation provided by your organization.

Therefore, webinars are very helpful in communicating with the end-users of your products. They can provide valuable inputs and share practical experiences about using your products, which can help you in product updates and improvements. Additionally, you could also introduce other products or accessories that support or provide value addition to existing products.

We have helped several clients produce webinars for their customers and distributors and the feedback from clients have been positive. They do acknowledge the fact the webinars, being more educative, are successful in generating interest among their customers; as against a sales pitch which is often received with caution.

Be it for tangible products or services, webinars can establish you as thought leaders and generate mileage for your products that ultimately leads to increased demand and sales. And if companies have their markets and sell their products in 130 countries, webinars can be translated and made available for their globally dispersed audience.

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