Tips to Reduce Translation Costs of E-learning Courses – Free Presentation

Tips to Reduce Translation Costs of E-learning Courses

Senior training managers have shared that when they travel physically to subsidiary companies for the purpose of training, they have to face the challenge of language barriers. Often, local officials or managers are not proficient to interpret what is being told during the training program accurately.

Specially, when the target group is not proficient in English, chances are that either the subject is not completely understood or worse, misunderstood.

Therefore, when you need to deliver training to your employees who are located in regions where English is not the primary mode of communication, it is best that you get your eLearning courses developed in English translated into native languages.

There are ways to reduce the costs involved in the process. With simple measures and precautions, you can greatly reduce the developmental costs of eLearning course translation. You would also avoid damages involved due to misinterpretation or miscommunication of content.

CommLab India has brought out a presentation that shares simple tips of how to reduce translation costs of eLearning courses. Download the presentation now!

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