Important Points to Note Before Translating Your E-learning Course

Important Points to Note Before Translating Your E-learning Course

One of our clients wanted us to translate his existing eLearning course into multiple languages, which was developed using Articulate Studio. After receiving the inputs, we reviewed them and found some source files missing. (Flash, psd’s etc.). We asked the client for the missing files, and he replied that he does not have the English source. So, we had to re-create the missing files and this delayed the translation. It also resulted in an increase in the project cost.

Before you embark on the translation of an eLearning course, it is very important to check whether all required files pertaining to the course in the source are available or not. This helps you identify the scope of the work easily. Also, it helps translate your eLearning course very quickly, and we can prevent cost overruns.

You need to provide all the files which we have used to develop an eLearning course in the source. Let us now see what these files are.

  • Flash: If you are using Flash objects in your course, you should maintain a backup for all the source (.fla) files. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time to re-create them, which can vary depending on the complexity of the animation/ interaction.
  • Videos: It is very important to ‘preserve’ the source files of videos used in digital courses, so that we can easily translate the on-screen text in less time. Sometimes text in the videos appears with background animations and it is very difficult to translate the text without having the source.
  • Graphics: We need to archive all source files (.psd), so that we can easily translate the content in the graphics.
  • Others: If there any other resources included in your eLearning course such as PDF documents, we should have the source files (.Indd) for those pdf files. We can convert PDF documents into the MS-Word format, but we may face alignment and formatting issues.

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