Webinar Translations – Speak to Your Stakeholders in Their Language

Webinar Translations - Speak to Your Stakeholders in Their Language

Consider this scenario. A US-based global B2B manufacturing company sells their products across the world through a network of channel partners and distributors. To manage their resellers and channel partners they have offices across the globe. Their products are complex machine tools that are used by industries and require extensive training to their end users.

Though they have customer training centers in place where classes are conducted for hands-on training, they also use webinars for training reinforcement. Webinars are also used for sharing information about new product features or launches quickly to their stakeholders in the United States.

However, their offices across the globe do not use webinars at their location. Though the resources are freely available at the parent website, they are in English and so end users in other parts of the world say in Beijing, China may not be able to comprehend the content in its entirety and benefit from it.. This was the case with one of our clients, who had a fairly large manufacturing set up in China with a team of product specialists, sales people and service engineers. They realized that it was easier and cost-effective to have the webinars (produced at the parent organization) translated into Chinese instead of developing new webinars from scratch. We have translated quite a few webinars into multiple languages for them and our client shares that the response from the ground staff to these webinars in their native languages has been very encouraging.

To reach out to your global stakeholders, instead of re-inventing the wheel you can simply translate existing webinars into multiple languages for the benefit of your audiences in different parts of the world. Translating your webinars makes lot of business sense for the following reasons:

  • Existing resources can be capitalized
  • Cost-effective as it reaches more stakeholders
  • Has a very wide reach and can help boost sales and brand image

Why should you deprive your global stakeholders of valuable inputs by product specialists or subject matter experts? Have your webinars translated and let your global stakeholders benefit out of the knowledge transfer.

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