Important Training Programs that need to be Translated

Important Training programs that Need to be Translated and Why

Important Training programs that Need to be Translated and Why?

These days, companies are investing a lot of time and money to train their employees in their respective domains in order to enhance their performance. A few training programs are in high demand and they need to be created and translated, based on the needs of the global workforce.

In my opinion, there are two important training programs that need to be translated. They are:

  1. Compliance Training
  2. Product Training

In this blog, I will explain the importance of compliance training and why it needs to be delivered in multiple languages.

Compliance Training: Compliance training refers to the mandatory training that needs to be imparted to every employee. This provides knowledge of a company’s standards and culture, to its workforce. The scope of compliance training is vast and it deals with these aspects.

  • Code of Conduct: The code of conduct defines the standards and expectations of an organization regarding honesty, integrity and ethical behavior of employees. So, every organization should impart training on its code of conduct. This is important to safeguard the reputation of the firm and prevent problems that arise due to violations of the code. Every organization needs to ensure that its code of conduct is available in the native languages of its personnel, so that every employee understands the rules and follows them.
  • Work place Harassment: Work place harassmenttraining creates awareness about the rules that need to be followed at the workplace. For example, some people believe that starting rumors about fellow employees is not a violation of rules, but in fact it is a serious violation of workplace-harassment rules as it affects the persons, who are targeted by these rumors. They may lose their confidence and in certain cases, may resign their jobs. Likewise, harassing co-employees using profane words and abusing women sexually may lead to legal action. Most of the employees don’t have any knowledge of acceptable norms of behavior at the workplace. It is therefore important to impart training to prevent workplace-harassment, to all employees.
  • Safety: Safety training is mainly used by manufacturing, health-care, pharmaceutical and petro-chemical organizations. Irrespective of the industry, safety training is important for every company as it not only ensures adherence to safety standards but also enhances employee performance. Safety training helps to avoid accidents at the workplace. This training is useful to demonstrate the dos and don’ts of safety and the precautions that employees have to take.
  • Corruption: Every country has enacted anti-graft laws. , For instance, the US has enacted the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and the UK has passed the Bribery Act. Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act is also intended to deal with corruption. Companies may also need to comply with international anti-corruption stipulations, such as the Inter-American Convention against Corruption and the OECD’s Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions. Anti-corruption training will provide the knowledge of the rules that are framed to prevent corruption.

Source: Online Anti-Bribery Training Course

Data-privacy and Information-security:Training on data-privacy and information-securitygoes a long way in protecting your confidential data and ensures the protection of personal information of your employees. It prevents data-heist and the loss that occurs due to misuse of organizational data.

All organizations need to impart compliance training to their people. To make this possible, companies have to translate their compliance training programs into the languages spoken by their international workforces. Employees can easily understand the training programs if they are delivered in their native languages and this enhances the effectiveness of the programs manifold.

In my next blog , we will see about product training and why it has to be translated. Please share your thoughts on this blog.

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