Tips on Training Your Global Workforce

Tips on Training Your Global Workforce

Tips on Training Your Global Workforce

Companies are increasingly making attempts to go global. It suggests that every company, however insular it is in the domestic conditions, will be affected by the developments and external influences that occur in its field. So, it would be better for you to be prepared for these developments by making yourself globally competitive.

In this regard, it is your workforce that becomes a key differentiator. It makes you strategically robust. You need to, therefore, acquire and nurture a talent base with globally competitive skills. Here are a few tips that help you devise and deploy value-added training to your global workforce.

Combine Behavioural and Work Management

An effective training program for your global workforce should serve the dual purpose of instilling a desired attitude in the employees that embraces inclusive culture and work in a mutually-supportive and respectful environment; and second, it should equip your employees with necessary knowledge and skills to perform their current or future roles better.

Localize the Training while Imparting your Knowledge

A rigid training program cannot be a hit with your global workforce. You need to understand regional differences and respond to them proactively. Ensure that your HR personnel take this into account while devising a training program to impart the parent company’s knowledge, vision and capabilities. They should probe the way individual dynamics affect the organizational culture and address the same in the training.

Involve Leadership

Your HR team should work in close association with your senior leadership right from designing a training program. This is because your leadership proximity with its immediate subordinates enables them to be well aware of the skill deficit and suggest the right kind of training. Thus, they help HR align their training with the organizational vision. Besides, they play a crucial role in driving the workforce with disparate cultural and geographical backgrounds to subscribe to the new global culture.

Leading by example and showing flexibility towards national differences can empower you to build a strong global workforce. Besides, the values you display and the mission you expound through your training programs motivate your global workforce a great deal to cut across their bio-cultural differences and work in the right spirit.

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