Training A Geographically & Culturally Dispersed Workforce

Training A Geographically & Culturally Dispersed Workforce

How are organizations meeting the demands of training cross cultural workforce? As organizations expand to new territories and markets, they face new challenges in terms of integrating a geographically, culturally and linguistically dispersed workforce with the parent organization. They need to put systems and processes in place, to ensure that the organization is united in its vision and business goals despite having such a diverse workforce. Training becomes an integral part of such a process. In the given scenario,  eLearning is increasingly being chosen as a viable and faster training medium. Some of the questions that dog the minds of stakeholders in the process are:

  • How important is it to translate courses into the native languages?
  • Do we simultaneously develop courses in multiple languages? What is a viable option?
  • What are the cost-effective methods to translate eLearning courses into multiple languages?
  • Do we need to really consider cultural differences at all?
  • If so, how do we ensure the course content is not affected by cultural and linguistic differences?

CommLab recently conducted a survey and shared some of the findings in a webinar on Cross Cultural eLearning. You can find more details on the subject by downloading a special kit that has access to the webinar, as well as the research paper compiled for the purpose.

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