4 Tips to Select the Right MT Software [Infographic]

4 Step Pr4 Tips to Select the Right MT Software [Infographic]ocess to Produce High Quality E-learning Translations [Infographic]

4 Step Pr4 Tips to Select the Right MT Software [Infographic]

Multinational organizations operate in different parts of the world. Creating one course for your global audience will be of the least use, unless all your employees are familiar and comfortable with English. But unfortunately, that is hardly the case for any multinational organization.

So, translating your training material into the native languages of your learners would be a wise move as translated courses seem more authentic to the native learner.This is fine. But, thinking how you can translate technology-enabled learning content quickly, with minimum expenditure? Well, you need to go for a Machine Translation (MT) system.

What is a Machine Translation (MT) system?

A MT system is a computer-based application that automatically translates any sentence in the source language into the target language. It ensures consistency in the translation of terms, and this goes a long way in making e-learning translations faster, cheaper, and better. But, how can we select the right MT software for translating online courses?

Well, by considering 4 aspects.

Excited to know the 4 aspects, check out the infographic below.

4 Tips to Select the Right MT Software [Infographic]

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