5 Tips to Increase the Quality of your E-Learning Translations

5 Tips to Increase the Quality of your E-Learning Translations

You may face a lot quality related issues while translating your eLearning courses. Here, I would like to share some tips to avoid re-work, increase the quality of your eLearning translations and save your time.


  1. Client Inputs: Analyze the client inputs and make a list of missing inputs or any wrong files. And, we have to extract the text in the documents of the source files to perform the translation. You need to check with the client whether he has any reference material that he previously used. It is very important to create a translation template, which is a document that has content organized in such a way that it helps developers reproduce the screens without knowing the target language. 
  2. Translations: Before you start the translation, it is very important to understand the client requirements. We should focus on the content, especially on the technical words. We can refer the translation memory which was previously used. This helps avoid a lot of errors. We should use professionals who are native speakers of the target language to ensure high quality of our online course translation. 
  3. Proofreading: It is very important to get the translated content proofread by the SMEs to improve the translation quality and to ensure that the language used is accurate. 
  4. Narration: It is very important to focus on the narration of the translated eLearning courses. Before recording audio, we should take pronunciation notes from the SMEs and send voice samples for approval. By following these two tips, we can avoid re-work and improve the quality of narration. 
  5. Development: Make sure you receive the final proofread documents to start the development of the eLearning course. It is very important that the eLearning content has proper line breaks as per the documents. You can also take the help of Google translator in order to cut the words appropriately.

Hope these tips help you enhance the quality of eLearning translations. Please do share if you have any tips. Happy Reading.

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