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Strategies Involved in Translating E-learning Courses – An INFOGRAPHIC

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Organizations today are going global, trying to reach out their target audience and to expand their business globally. Even though globalization comes with many positive benefits, there are some challenges associated with it, like creating a uniform culture and training the work force through one curriculum.

You cannot offer a single eLearning course, to people of different cultures and locations. In this context, it makes a lot of sense for organizations, to have their eLearning courses translated into multiple languages, depending on their target audience.

However, translating eLearning Courses may be difficult and prove expensive, if a proper strategy is not employed. Thoughtful planning and pre-defined strategies can help you reduce both your developmental costs and translation difficulties.

Here is an infographic that presents few strategies, which can ensure a smooth translation process and a better translation output.

Strategies Involved in Translating E-learning Courses

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