Why Product Training Needs Translations?

Why Product Training Needs Translations?

In my previous blog, we have seen the importance of compliance training and the need to translate it into multiple languages. Now, let see about Product Training.

Product training is the MOST IMPORTANT training program that organizations have to provide to their employees. This training program is needed only by companies, which are into the business of making products such as Unilever, Hill-Rom, Dell and so on.

Product training programs need to be translated to reach the target learners effectively. Below are the reasons why product training programs need to be translated.

To know about the products: This training is helpfulto different groups of people, who are directly associated with the product.

Sales people and Distributors: It is common knowledge that once products are manufactured, sales people and distributors sell them. If they don’t know your products and their features adequately, they may not be able to sell the product efficiently.

Technicians: Technicians need to have knowledge about every part of the product and how it works. If anything goes wrong, they need to know how to repair the product and they also need to be aware of the procedures of servicing the product.

Customers: Customers need to have the basic knowledge of your products,their usage and benefits.

If the product training is imparted only in English, target audiences who don’t speak the language may find it hard to comprehend the content and as a result the training program is rendered ineffective. Therefore, companies that conduct operations globally need to translate their training programs into multiple languages.

Increase Revenue: Sales people, distributors and service personnel are the key people, who generate revenue for the company. They need to be trained on the firm’s products, their benefits and drawbacks as these features indirectly affect their sales and this will impact the company’s revenue.

If the training is in the target audience’s native language, they can understand the content better and sell the product more efficiently. When translating your product training programs, make sure that the translation is consistent. Translating product training programs into multiple languages increases your sales revenue; and this increase in the sales revenue leads to a better bottom line.

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