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Outsourcing E-learning Translations: All You Need to Know [Kit]

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Outsourcing E-learning Translations: All You Need to Know [Kit]

How can you produce high quality translations of your online courses? What does it take to ensure that your e-learning content is rendered effectively, in quick time, at low cost? Well, you need to outsource your online course translation project to an experienced vendor.

According to Bersin by Deloitte, you can save substantially by using the services of off-shore eLearning firms. A $10K – 50K content development project in the US may cost 20 – 40% less in India. In some cases the costs savings can be much higher.

Here is an e-learning kit that provides comprehensive information on e-learning translation outsourcing. The kit answers the following questions and more.

  • How does outsourcing your e-learning translation project result in considerable savings of precious time and training dollars?
  • What does it take to choose the right e-learning translation agency that meets your needs effectively?
  • What are the aspects you need to consider before inking a deal with the online course translation firm?

The kit consists of:

  • A webinar Global Knowledge Transfer: Should Translations Cost You a Bomb?
  • An eBook E-learning Outsourcing – A Comprehensive Guide
  • A presentation Tips for Selecting an E-learning Outsourcing Vendor
  • A presentation Why Should Multinational Organizations Translate and Localize eLearning Courses?
  • An article E-learning Translations: Paving The Way For Excellent Training 

Download the kit now!

View Kit on Outsourcing E-learning Translations For Quick Global E-learning Deployment


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