Translating E-learning Courses into Global Languages – Free Kit

Translating E-learning Courses into Global Languages - Free Kit

Translating E-learning Courses into Global Languages - Free Kit

Globalization is the norm of the day. As organizations expand their operations to new shores, they need to train staff members who speak various languages and work in different time-zones. Most multinational companies (MNCs) are using e-learning to train their people because it is highly flexible and eliminates logistical problems.

But, how can you use the online learning medium effectively to train your global workforce? Well, you need to deliver your e-learning courses in the native languages of your learners. Various studies reveal that people learn better in their mother tongue as they can connect with the course effectively. Furthermore, learners find it easy to comprehend the subject matter, “follow” what is being shared and figure out new ideas and concepts as they are introduced, when training is imparted in their native languages. Therefore, translating your training content into regional language makes a lot of sense.

So, if you are planning to translate your e-learning courses? Then, you need to check out the e-learning kit Online Course Translations for Global Learning – A How to Kit. The kit:

  • Helps you overcome cultural issues to impart excellent training to your global workforce
  • Provides all the information you need to build translation-friendly online courses
  • Enables you to translate e-learning courses, in quick time, without burning a hole in your pocket
  • Lists the benefits of outsourcing your online course translation project and helps you choose the right vendor

The kit contains:

  • A 44 page whitepaper – The Realities of Cross-Cultural E-learning
  • A 44 page eBook – How to Translate E-learning Courses Effectively
  • A 39 minute webinar – Global Knowledge Transfer: Should Translations Cost You a Bomb?
  • A 3 minute presentation – Why Should Multinational Organizations Translate and Localize eLearning Courses? 

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