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Need for Translating and Localizing Elearning Courses – Free Presentation

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Need to Translate and Localize eLearning Courses - Free Presentation

In this competitive world, organizations are trying to expand their business globally to reach out to their target audience who are culturally and globally dispersed. In this context, translation and localization help organizations to localize their business communication and training programs as per the legal norms and culture of the target group.

Lifestyles and culture vary from place to place and so do the people and their way of perceiving matters. Research shows that training is the most effective when done in a learners’ native language. It certainly influences the way organizations communicate with their employees who are spread across different regions of the world. In this context, how does it impact organizations who want to roll out eLearning programs across the globe? What are the specific factors that necessitate the translation and localization of eLearning courses? Check out this presentation on “Why Should Multinational Organizations Translate and Localize eLearning Courses?”

View Presentation On: Why should Multinational Organizations Translate and Localize eLearning Courses?


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