World-Class Localization Services: Bid Adieu To Geographical Barriers

World-Class Localization Services: Bid Adieu To Geographical Barriers

With the advent of high speed Internet and better connectivity, organizations are increasingly adapting a global model for business. To become cost-effective, avail world-class facilities and fulfill strategic business goals, organizations are increasingly diffusing their work across many different geographic locations. Globalization has evolved with changing times and is here to stay.

However, globalization also comes with its fair share of challenges. As it brings together people from very diverse cultural and linguistic zones to work, there always remains a gap. Different cultures and languages mean different sensibilities and trigger points. Things that one culture takes productively might be considered as offensive in others. Symbolism used in one culture might mean something entirely else in another. Cultural diversity like this molds the learning habits of people in each country. This makes developing a uniform eLearning course, which is relevant and useful to everyone across the vast geography of your company, very difficult.

Not to mention the obvious barrier of a different language. People all around the world might know English, but not everyone prefers to learn in it. Even if they do, difficult to understand accents in audio elements can become completely indecipherable for the new audience, making them miss out on integral parts of the training. Forcing people to undertake training in a language they are not entirely comfortable in can reduce knowledge absorption and retention.

Use world-class localization services to tackle all the problems arising out of the wide-spread geography of your company. Localization services not only change the language of your course, but also make sure that there are no cultural trigger points left in your course. It even ensures that all your graphical elements such as audio, video and infographics have the same impact across all target countries. Below are some of the advantages that localization brings to the table that help you break the barriers of geography, to truly become a global company:

Better Knowledge

By delivering eLearning that uses localization to your global audience, you can provide consistent learning messages to everyone. This can help you implement international best practice standards and methodologies to boost your service excellence. Localization is also an effective method for providing training in new processes or systems that must be implemented throughout your entire organization. 

Better Reach

Localization allows you to cast your eLearning net wide. A single eLearning course can be translated and adapted to reach out to a global audience. Through localization, you can connect with a far wider audience. You can increase the skill base of your entire employee cohort using much fewer resources.

Better User Sentiment

Imagine you are a new hire in a multi-national company. You are at your desk, assigned your first training and you nervously open the page hoping to see a training in a language you are not entirely comfortable with. But voila, you discover that this training is available in your native language too. Localization can create positive user sentiments by giving them a training that feels custom-made according to their needs. This improves the image of the company and nails its stance as a global player.

Better Value for Money

Localization services use a core eLearning course to create all the other courses in various languages. As there is no need to create unique training programs for specific countries or groups, this results in a lot of cost saving. The majority of the cost of an eLearning program is incurred only once, during the initial stage of development. Because localization leads to better retention and understanding of information, the need for follow-up training or on-the-job coaching and mentoring programs is also reduced.

Utilize localization services to give your eLearning program the global touch it deserves. Remove the barriers of language and culture to become a true symbol of globalization.

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