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How Strong is the Need to Translate E-learning Courses?

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E-learning provides options for organizations to train large number of employees within short span of time. Therefore, it is not surprising that e-learning is being used as one of the training methods by most multinational organizations these days. In fact, we have recently conducted a study of about 100 global organizations and 86 of them indicated that they use e-learning as one of their training strategies. A whooping third of them developed more than 10 e-learning courses last year as a part of their training initiatives.

One of the questions that was posed to the survey participants was – How important is multi-language e-learning for the organization? About 59% of the respondents indicated that multi-language eLearning was important to them. While about 7% stated it was crucial to them, and the rest stated it was either important or very important.

What we learnt from this exercise is that most organizations were catering to their training requirements of their global workforce by creating e-learning courses in a master language and translating the same into multiple languages catering to their target workforce.


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