Frequently Asked Questions by Our E-learning Clients on Translation Services

Frequently Asked Questions by Our E-learning Clients on Translation Services

We often receive questions from our clients, who are new to translation projects or wish to try our translation services for the first time.

If they are new to translations, they have no idea of the quality, cost and processes of eLearning translations.

Even if they have knowledge of eLearning translations, they need to be aware that the translation process (costs, timelines and quality ) varies from one vendor to the other.

So, here are the common questions we are asked by our clients:

1. How much do you charge to translate the English course into a target language?

Usually, translation costs are calculated on the ‘per word’ basis and costs vary from one language to the other. Sometimes, extra costs are also incurred to perform additional quality checks by experienced domain knowledge experts.

Existing translation memory re-use will also play a significant role in cost reduction. This translation memory will produce the fuzzy matches and charges can be less when compared to the translations of new words.

2. Do you have experienced language experts?

Some clients are very particular about domain expertise. –They wish to engage translators who are experienced in translating courses related to specialized subjects such as technology and medicine. So, we often get the questions on our translators’ domain expertise in different fields.

We have a pool of translators who are experts in different domains, and so we can handle any subject with ease and deliver quality output to satisfy the client requirement.

3. How do you ensure quality output?

We have a standard process that is followed for every translation project. We analyze the project and assign it to the right translator who is an expert in that subject to ensure high quality output, which is in accordance with the reference files provided by the client and meets his requirements effectively. We perform quality check each and every step throughout the translation process.

 4. What is your translation process?

CommLab Translation Process:

CommLab Translation Process

 5. How much time will you take for translations?

Timelines are decided based on the complexity, size and subject of the project. Normally, a translator can translate 1000 to 2000 words in a day. We usually translate 6000 words in a week’s time. If client wants the output in less time, then we can assign more than one translator to the project. But, in this process, the quality of the translation may take a beating.

These are the common questions we receive from our clients and prospects. Hope you find this blog informative.

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