5 Things to Avoid While Choosing E-learning Translation Vendor

5 Things to Avoid While Choosing E-learning Translation Vendor

5 Things to Avoid While Choosing E-learning Translation Vendor

Are you in search of a firm that can effectively translate your elearning courses to cater to the learning needs of your multilingual international staff? Well, you can make sure that you get highly effective translations of your online course by avoiding these mistakes.

Mistake 1: Hiring a company inexperienced in translating online courses

Some firms may have good experience in performing translations of various kinds of business documentation such as marketing material, product literature, etc. But they lack the expertise and experience in dealing with eLearning courses. This may have a serious impact on the quality of the translations of your online course. Therefore, you need to choose an organization that earns its bread and butter through translation of online courses –a firm that fully understands your learning needs.

Mistake 2: Engaging the services of a firm without checking its references

It is well said that if a client is unhappy he tells 10 people and if he is happy he tells just one. It is very important to make sure that the prospective translator provides a list of credible references. Make sure that you speak to these clients to check that the tall claims made by the vendor are true. See that you choose a firm that has won the trust of reputed companies. After all, you want your course to be translated by an organization that is well-known. Don’t you?

Mistake 3: Handing over the translation project without asking samples

You need to check if the translation agency is able to provide samples of work done by them previously. This is the most common and the best way to see if the organization is qualified to meet your needs. When you deal with a new translator, it’s always safe to give a small pilot project first rather than entrust your entire course in a single go.

Mistake 4: Choosing an agency that doesn’t use the services of native speakers

Make sure that your translation agency uses the services of native speakers. This is very essential to render your elearning course in the target language with high quality. A good translation is devoid of overtly literal translations that can reduce the effectiveness of the course. Languages are amazing animals with several subtleties that only a native speaker can tame.

Mistake 5: Opting for multiple translation vendors

Translators maintain a content database for your eLearning translation projects with the help of translation memory tools. The more you use a firm’s services, the bigger will be your database. You will be charged very little for any repetitions. The organization can also maintain glossary, library of terms, resources that can be used in upcoming projects. You can’t avail this benefit effectively if you hire multiple translation vendors. Furthermore, each time you engage a new vendor, you need to spend a lot of time to explain your needs and this results in considerable delay in rendering your courses in different languages.

By avoiding these pitfalls, you can ensure that you get highly effective translations of your eLearning courses that help you impart the best training to your multilingual staff. What do you think?

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