Benefits of Working with Just One E-learning Translation Vendor

Benefits of Working with Just One E-learning Translation Vendor

Now-a-days people are considering different options and vendors for their personal and professional needs. They feel scared to trust one vendor for their requirements. But they are not aware of the time, effort and money they need to put in to deal with multiple vendors. They should know the benefits they get by using just one vendor for their eLearning translation project, before going in for multiple translators.

Here are the benefits of using just one eLearning translation vendor:

Customized process:

If you use multiple vendors, then it is difficult to keep track of your translation project status. You may get confused about the steps you need to follow or type of information you need to provide to the vendors. You may not be able to provide the required information at the right time, as you are following different processes of your vendors. You need to spend lot of time during this process. If you use the services of only one eLearning translation vendor, then you need to follow only one standard process and can easily keep track of your projects as you know every step of the project execution.

This vendor can customize the process, according to your project requirement. So, you feel secure and comfortable, while dealing with him.

Cost saving:

If you want to save/reduce translation costs, then stick to one vendor who can store all your data at one place,i.e. translation memory tool. If you use multiple vendors, then you may not able to get the benefit of cost reduction as they may use different tools. You need to remember that the memory capacity of one tool varies from the other. So, to maximize the reduction in translation costs, use just one vendor who can manage all your data effectively and transparently.

If you stick with onevendor, he can provide discounts and help you if you have budgetary constraints.

Saves time:

Time is very precious and no one wants to spend time on less productive tasks. You can save half of your time, by using one vendor. If you use multiple vendors, then you need to spend a lot of time to answer the same queries posedby different vendors. If you use just one vendor, he doesn’t ask the same questions, each time you assign a new project.

The vendor takes full responsibility and will answer the queries of his translator on your behalf, as he already has good knowledge of your projects..

Quality Output: When you use the services of a translator for a long time, he gains a good understanding of your requirements and will be able to deliver quality output. As he already familiar with your subject, terms and working style, so he can allot suitable translator and can able to guide him in right direction. You can also be part of this project in critical stage and can able to provide your suggestion whenever needed.

The vendor uses domain knowledge experts in your subject and provides output of the best quality output your eLearning translation projects.

It’s better to use one eLearning translation vendor than engaging multiple vendors. He can understand your requirement and allot domain experts for your project. He can help you out when you are having budgetary constraints. He can guarantee the quality of your projects.

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