How To Make Zipalign For Android App?

If you have developed an Andriod app and want to place it in Google playstore, one of the steps you need to follow is zipalign your app. Zipalign is done to ensure that all the data that is not compressed in the file starts with a specific alignment relative to the beginning of the App.

It makes all the data that are not compressed within the android installation file, such as pictures or raw data, to be lined up on 4-byte boundaries. The main advantage is reduction in the amount of RAM consumed when running the application.

Here I would like to explain how to zipalign your Android app in the following steps.

Step 1: Open your App development tool “eclipse editor” and right click your Project Folder> Choose “Android Tools” option>Click on “Export Signed Application Package”.

Open your App development tool

Step 2: Enter your project name and click the “Next” button.

Enter your project name

Step 3: Choose new keystore, select destination for your keystore and confirm password.

Choose new keystore

Note: Remember your keystore name and password.

Step 4: For key store creation you have to enter the following details.

Alias name, password, confirm password should be the same as your keystore name and password details you have entered in Step 3. Fill up the remaining details.

Fill up remaining details

Step 5: Select destination location for your signed APK file and click the “Next” button.

Select destination location

Step 6: Check your keystore name in the eclipse folder and copy it to your signed app location.

Check your keystore

Step 7: Download the Zipalign tool ( from XDA Developers Android and Mobile Development Forum

Download the Zipalign tool

Step 8: Extract the zip and run “Zip-Align.exe”.

Extract the zip and run Zip-Align.exe

Step 9: When you run “Zip-Align.exe” the following screen appears. From that screen, select your signed App.

Select your signed App

Select your signed App

Step 10: And then Click “Yes”.

And then Click "Yes"

Step 11: Now double click the ZipAlign.bat file. You will be able to see the command prompt popup window. Then press Enter.

Double click ZipAlign

Then press enter

Step 12: Now open the “ZipAlignedApps” folder where you can get the zipaligned app.

You can get the zipaligned app

Now your app is zipaligned. Have anything to say? Please do share!

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