7 Reasons Why PowerPoint is a Boon to the E-learning Developer

7 Reasons Why PowerPoint is a Boon to the E-learning Developer

PowerPoint is the key software in rapid eLearning development; there are many authoring tools, which come as add-ins to PowerPoint. With this application, we can do a lot of things very quickly and easily.

We will now see how PowerPoint can help us develop eLearning courses better.

1. Templates: We can use the default templates of PowerPoint. We can also create templates and customize them, according to our requirements. We can store the templates and reuse them. Also, you can browse different types of free templates.

2. Animations: We can apply various types of animations to objects. We have four categories of animations i.e. Entrance, Exit, Emphasis and Motion path animations.

3. Narration: We can record the entire eLearning presentation. We can export the narration from the PowerPoint and reuse it.

4. Icons using shapes: Icons can be created using shapes and we can use them in our eLearning courses. We can insert many shapes, including rectangles, arrows, flow chart symbols, callouts and action buttons, using PowerPoint.

5. SMARTART Graphics: Default templates are available for the SMARTART Graphics. We can select one or more of these templates and use them in our eLearning courses. There are different categories of SMARTART templates – List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix and Pyramid.

6. Charts: PowerPoint has default templates for the charts and they are of 11 types – Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, X Y (Scatter), Stock, Surface, Doughnut, Bubble and Radar. We can easily make the charts and use them for elearning.

7. Videos: We can create videos very easily using PowerPoint. First, we need to create a PowerPoint presentation. Then, we can add various animations to the presentation and save in a video format. PowerPoint is best tool to make videos quickly, at low cost. Also, we can embed YouTube videos into the presentation.

All these things can be done in very less time. Indeed, PowerPoint is a boon is a very useful tool for the eLearning developer. Hope you find this blog informative. How do you use PowerPoint? We’d love to hear your experiences.

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