Why mLearning is the Order of the Day

Why mLearning is the Order of the Day

A large number of companies are using the mobile device as a platform to impart training to their workforces and many others are following suit. According to the Ambient Insight report, 2011, 39% of organizations are already using mLearning, and the market for mLearning solutions in the USA is growing at an astonishing rate of 29.3% per annum. What makes mLearning so popular? How can it be used to impart high quality training? Let us see.

Information in need is invaluable indeed

Often, timely access to information makes the difference between success and failure. The mobile device can be used to provide information whenever, wherever needed. This goes a long way in enhancing personnel performance and improving sales revenue. For instance, a medical representative, while interacting with a physician, can access a learning app on his iPad to provide comprehensive information on a particular drug. Similarly, an insurance agent, in a meeting with a prospective customer, can get the complete details of a life insurance product on his smartphone and answer the latter’s queries effectively, convincing him to buy the product.

Training can be imparted to “mobile personnel” very effectively 

Staff members, who work on the field, such as sales representatives and service technicians seldom find time to attend classroom training sessions. M-learning is a boon to these people and can be used to impart them with the needed knowledge and skills. Staying on with the example of the medical representative, mLearning can be used to provide him with information about a new medicine. He can access this information in the form of a bite-sized course in his spare time or when he is travelling. Thus, he can get the complete information about the drug without any disruption to his work.

Power of online networked communities is unleashed 

Mobile devices help leverage the power of social learning. They help professionals worldwide to network better and thereby collaborate better. The number of mobile online networked learning communities is growing fast, as people are increasingly using the mobile device to access the Internet. The differences between formal training and informal ‘peer-help’ based collaborative learning are fast disappearing as organizations are actively encompassing social learning within their training strategies. 

Development of courses is easy and cost-effective

The advent of rapid authoring tools has made the development of mLearning courses simple and affordable. Today, using tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and Lectora Inspire, we can develop a bite-sized mLearning module in 15 to 20 days. The rapid development of mLearning modules has enabled organizations to meet their dynamic training needs very effectively.

These benefits of mLearning make it a very attractive proposition to the corporate world. Indeed, imparting training through mobile devices is the order of the day. What do you think?

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