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Delivering E-learning on Smartphones and Tablets – Free Presentation

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Delivering  E-learning on Smartphones and Tablets

The widespread use  of mobile technology has not only radically changed the way we experience the world but has also dramatically altered the training landscape by facilitating efficient sharing of knowledge.

With groundbreaking developments in mobile technology, learners can accesses the content easily. These innovations have paved the way for highly effective collaborative learning. Today, it is possible to get a solution to a problem or share an update quickly thanks to devices such as mobile-phones and tablets.

IDC estimates that 75% of the workforce in the US is already mobile and by 2015 the numbers, worldwide, will reach 1.3 billion.

These statistics show how the increasing usage of mobile devices is gaining significance in the corporate world and this is one of the reasons why organizations are moving ahead to deliver training through mLearning.

To learn more about how to deliver eLearning on smartphones and tablets, check out this presentation.

View Presentation on Why do you Need to Deliver eLearning on Smartphones and Tablets?


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