Using Webinars to Create Effective Learning Solutions

Using Webinars to Create Effective Learning Solutions

Using Webinars to Create Effective Learning Solutions

A webinar is an online event that is broadcasted to a select group of individuals, through computers, via the Internet. Webinars are on the rise, and most of the organizations are educating their customers on various best practices in their industry domain.

For example, Mettler-Toledo conducts various seminars and webinars categorized on the basis of product, applicationand industry. These webinars are mostly free and some very high end programs are provided for a nominal cost.

In the webinars, industry experts take us through the key challenges and best practices to be followed.

There are also internal webinars, conducted by SMEs on various topics, to train global workforce. Organizations use webinars in order to reach global learners and save time and reduce expenditure on travel.

These webinars are excellent material to develop an effective course. The script for the webinar has good explanation of the slide presented. Also, at the end of the webinar, the learner questions and SME responses are valuable inputs that can be used as learner interactivities.

Here are the steps to be followed to create an eLearning course from a webinar.

  1. Have a webinar that is being given by the SME recorded through WebEx. By doing this, both PowerPoint and audio will be integrated.
  2. Transcribe the webinar. Even though the SME will have some draft script before the webinar, when he conducts the webinar, he talks about his experience and gives examples. These are valuable for creating a good learning experience.
  3. Develop an outline and come up with an instructional strategy based on the outcomes, content and learner experience.
  4. Work closely with the SME to finalize the strategy.
  5. Use questions asked in the webinar as interactivities to enhance learning.
  6. Support the eLearning with resources and a glossary.

An eLearning course can also have an SME’s support, where learners can directly communicate with the SME to clarify doubts, in the classroom or web conference environment.

Many organizations are using these WebEx sessions conducted by SMEs to develop eLearning courses and translating them into multiple languages later, in order to reach global learners.

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