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2 Ways to Restrict Navigation Through Menu in Articulate Storyline

Written By Satish Kumar Viyyapu

2 Ways to Restrict Navigation Through Menu in Articulate Storyline

The menu of an eLearning course lists the titles of all its slides. It enables the learner to navigate to the slide of his choice. Articulate Storyline facilitates navigation through the menu, by default. Based on the requirement, we can set/adjust the menu. The menu can be also restricted, so that the learner cannot proceed further without finishing the current slide. Once the learner has visited all the slides, then he can navigate through the menu.

In this post, I would like to share 2 ways to restrict menu in Articulate Storyline.

Process 1:

Step 1: Click the Player option in the Home tab to open the Player Properties window.

Click the Player option

Step 2: Now, select Menu. 

Select Menu

Step 3: Click the Additional options button at the bottom to open the Menu Options window.

Click the Additional options

Step 4: Click the Dropdown arrow for options. Select Restricted from the list opened and click the OK button.

Select Restricted from the list opened and click the OK

Step 5: Publish your eLearning course to view the restricted menu.

Process 2:

We can restrict navigation through the menu from published files, considerably, using this process. This is very useful in a scenario where you have don’t have the source file. It can also be used if you have a heavy source file which consumes lot of time to open and re-publish. 

Step 1: In the publish files, double click the story_content folder to open it.

Click the story content

Step 2: Open frame.xml file in a text editor.

Open frame

Step 3: Find the piece of code that looks similar to the one given below (it’s better to use the ‘search’ option).

<optiongroup name=”menuoptions”>


<option name=”flow” value=”free” />

Look at the screenshot below for better a understanding.

Find the piece of code

Step 4: Replace the word “free” with “restricted”, save the file and close it.

Note: You can use any of the three options (refer Step 4 of Process 1 for three types of navigation) here.

Step 5: Now, open the story.html file in the published folder to see the restricted menu.

These are the two ways to restrict navigation through the menu in Articulate Storyline.

Hope these help you. Please do share your views.

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