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Seven Ways of LMS Support [Video]

Seven Ways of LMS Support [Video]

It is common knowledge that effective support is one of the most important aspects that need to be considered in the selection of an LMS. Your LMS may be very simple to use but still you need user-support. This is because most of the problems have their origin in your user’s computer. Let us look at some of the issues.

  • Problems arising due to the use of browsers that are not recommended
  • The user is unable to  view the courses because the pop-up blocker is activated
  • The course does not load
  • In some cases, the user is not aware of the procedure to access courses in the LMS.

Effective support goes a long way in resolving these common issues and prevents learner frustration. So, how can ensure that your LMS is well supported? Well, you need to make sure that the vendor provides 7 levels of support. We will now see what these levels of support are and why they are important.

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