How to Add Subtitles and Edit Videos in Videopad?

How to Add Subtitles and Edit Videos in Videopad

Videos are informative and focus on elevating the content visually. In eLearning, they are an integral form of knowledge sharing and gathering. You can enrich your videos by adding captions, images, transitions, music, visuals, callouts, banners and animated backgrounds. There are many tools which you can use to edit your videos. In this blog, we will look at how Video pad can be used to edit videos.

Step to add videos in videopad:

  • We can add videos (e.g., media) into videopad by clicking the Add Media button (Ctrl+M) or we can drag & drop the video in the Files list area panel at the top left corner.

How to add videos in videopad

  • Then insert the video (media) in the timeline. Select the video file from Files area list and drag it into the timeline.

How to add videos in videopad

  • We can now save the file to your project.


Now let’s look how to add subtitles to your videos

  • We are now ready to add the Subtitles to your videos by clicking the Subtitles button from the menu bar or by clicking (Ctrl+alt+L).
  • We can add multiple languages, for example, Chinese, Japanese
  • We can also preview the subtitles in the subtitles panel.
  • We can also have font styles in the subtitles window.
  • We can also the Show, Hide and Duration options.

How to add subtitles to your videos

How to edit videos in video pad:

  • In timeline we can edit the video directly. You can delete or add clips to videos project which we have on timeline. You can also add images to your video clips.
  • We can also add or remove audio files from video clip.
  • In the videopad we have the option to add Effects to the video (media) clips.
  • We can also take snapshots directly by clicking the Camera button or by pressing (F+12), which we can find in the preview panel below.
  • We can preview the output by clicking the Preview button or pressing (Ctrl+U).

How to edit videos in video pad

Steps to Save the video (media)output project:

  • We see the Save Movie button icon on the Menu list, which is located at the top of the working panel.
  • By clicking the Save Movie button or by pressing (Ctrl+B), you can open a video output setup window.
  • In the video output setup window, there are some output formats. For example, Disc, Computer/Data, Portable Device, Image Sequence, etc., icons will display.
  • For video output, we have to select the Computer/Data iconto export the video.
  • We have some file formats, for example, .avi, .wmv, .asf, .mpg, .3gp, .mp4, .mov, .flv, .swf, .rm. From this we can select the video formats and export.
  • WE will have resolution option for setting the size of the video, by selecting this we can have vide of desired size
  • Lastly, we can click the ok button to export video output for your project.

Steps to Save the video (media)output  project

This is how you can edit your videos using videopad. Have you used any other software tools to edit you videos? Do share with us.

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