Video Options in Articulate Storyline

Video Options in Articulate Storyline

Video Options in Articulate Storyline

In e-learning courses, videos play a key role. They help in meeting the learning objectives of the course and improving information retention. Videos focus on elevating the content visually. Let’s see what the video options in Articulate Storyline are and how we have to use them. To embed a video, follow the below steps:

  1. Click the video to select it.
  2. Click the Options tab on the Menu bar.
  3. Use the following options to change the video properties. 


1. Preview: We can click the preview button to watch the video. When we click the preview button, it will change into the stop button. Then click the same button again to stop the video. See the screenshot below.


2. Video Volume: We can change the volume for the video. For this, we have three options. Low, Medium, High. We can select the volume that we prefer. See the screenshot below.

Video Volume

3. Edit Video: If we want to modify a video, click the edit video button. Then the video editor window will open. See the screenshot below. 

Edit Video

In this window, we have some of the following options.

  • Save and Close: If we have made any changes to a video, then we can use this option to save and close the video.
  • Trim: If we want to remove any unnecessary part in a video, then mark that part and click on this option.
  • Crop: This option allows changing the dimensions of a video so that it exactly fits into a specific area of your slide. Let’s see how it works:
    Click the crop button; the resizable cropping window will add to the video. Then select the part of the video that we want to retain.
  • Brightness and Contrast: It is used to adjust the brightness and contrast percentage. The changes will be visible immediately.
  • Insert logo: If we want to add an image or logo to your video, we can select this option.
  • Change video: If we want to change a video, we can use this option.
  • Reset video: If we want to revert to a video, we can use this option.

4. Show Video: If we want to show the video In slide or In new browser, use this option. See the screenshot below.

Show Video

5. Play Video: In this option, we can play the video as we prefer. That is, we can play the audio

  • Automatically: When the slide timeline starts, the video will play automatically.
  • When clicked: Use this option only when you want this video to play when the user’s clicks on the play button.
  • From trigger: Select this option when you want this video to play after a specific event has occurred.

Play Video

6. Show Video Controls: If we want to display the play bar for the video, then select this option. It is used to control the video playback.

Show Video Controls

These are the video options in Articulate Storyline. I hope this information will help you.

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