How Can You Host Video-based Learning Content on LMS?

How Can You Host Video-based Learning Content on LMS?

How Can You Host Video-based Learning Content on LMS?

Video-based learning content is one of the effective and engaging learning strategies. It motivates the learner to learn complex concepts easily. The involvement of an instructor in the video will enhance the learning experience and give them the feel of attending a classroom training virtually. Video-based content is a must for imparting certain training concepts. Recorded videos help in a major way to repeat training programs for participants who could not attend the training session.

The challenge comes when you want to host a training session online to deliver it to a global audience. The huge file size of videos may create problems for hosting them online on a normal server. Hosting charges are expensive because you need a streaming server than a normal server for learners to see the video due to the difference in Internet bandwidths. Another issue is to protect the confidentiality of the videos. Hosted videos should not have downloadable or share options.

In order to host videos online and deliver them using LMS to track the training status, you must have all the videos on the streaming server. There are many videos hosting service providers who provide similar services but with various payment packages. To select the best video hosting service provider, you need to first list down your requirements and then check on the agency that is providing such features or services.

Here are some factors that you need to consider while selecting the video-hosting provider:

  1. How many videos do you want to host?
  2. What will be the size/length of each video?
  3. Do you want to deliver the video to mobile users or only to those who use desktops?
  4. What type of video quality do you want to host? HD or normal videos?
  5. Do want to provide the download or share option?
  6. Do you wish to customize the player with your own logo?
  7. Would you require unlimited or limited video space?
  8. Would you require unlimited or limited bandwidth? What would be the number of user views?

We recommend to our customers to use Wistia video service, which provides good streaming features, but the costs are based on usage; for low and for fixed budgets, Vimeo is a good choice. The streaming feature helps learners to download videos in parts. The quality of the video will be based on the learner Internet bandwidth. The videos will be hosted on the streaming server and can be easily integrated into LMS as a learning content. Based on the device used, the respective video format will be displayed. All videos will be secured as it is delivered through LMS and video hosting provider provides its own security features. Get the <embed> code from the video hosting application and embed it easily on the LMS.

Hope this information helps you in achieving a breakthrough on hosting huge videos and integrating on LMS.

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