Rapid E-learning Development: Using Videos in Assessments

Rapid E-learning Development: Using Videos in Assessments

One of our major clients in the manufacturing sector came up with a requirement to train employees on the operating process of an electrical equipment. We designed an interactive eLearning course explaining the process, satisfying the client requirement. Now coming to the assessment part, the client asked us to design assessments that would require learners to recall, analyze, or synthesize the information they gathered through the course.

We had an interesting approach to fulfill the clients’ requirement which I would like to share here.

Our Approach

Keeping the client requirement in mind, we asked them about the common mistakes a new employee generally commits while operating the machinery. Then we requested them to capture a video of an employee committing those common mistakes while operating the equipment. We used that video in the assessment and framed questions so that the learner could identify the mistake the employee in the video committed.

The learner will be able to recognize the mistake only if he could recall what he has learnt in the course and apply it in the context shown in the video. This makes the reinforcing and practical applicability of the learning possible in an effective manner. The reason for choosing a video clipping instead of representing the situation using characters, text and images was due to the following factors:

  • Using real videos makes the learning more relevant to employees who can understand better the environment he or she needs to work in.
  • Videos used in assessments to recall the information learnt makes learning more memorable.
  • Videos score high in making the assessments interesting when compared to text and images.

Developed using Lectora

The tool we have chosen to develop the course is Lectora. It is an ideal tool to demonstrate processes and procedures laden with heavy text in an interesting and engaging way. One of the main benefits of using Lectora is that it has highly customized templates, interactivities and quizzes. It comes with additional tools, such as image editor, audio and video editor, thereby reducing the dependency on external software resources.

Using Videos in Assessments

Using real videos in learning assessments not only engages learners effectively, but also enhances the possibility of practical application of the knowledge gained at the workplace.

What has been your experience in designing assessments in eLearning courses? Please share them in the comment box below.

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