Save Time Using Slide Master in Articulate Storyline

Save Time Using Slide Master in Articulate Storyline

Save Time Using Slide Master in Articulate Storyline

A slide master is a collation of different slide layouts. The slide master in Articulate Storyline works similar to the slide master of Microsoft PowerPoint. It allows you to design various themes, designs, fonts, colors, and objects for your slide. It saves your time by allowing you to apply the same theme or design to multiple slides.

For example, you can create the themes or layouts for your GUI in the slide master of articulate storyline and apply it to the various content slides.

How to switch to Slide Master View?

  • Click on View tab of your toolbar
  • Select Slide Master.

Select Slide Master

Once you are in your slide master view, you will find recently used slide masters (if you had created any) or the default slide master.

Slide Master

The above screenshot shows you the slide master view with the master slide and its different layouts.

Although, all properties of the master slide are shadowed on its layouts, you can edit each layout to present your content differently. That is, the design of your welcome slide and the assessment slide can be done in two different layouts.

Features of Slide Master

You can see in the above screenshot the features of slide master in articulate storyline. There are various options which help you design your Master slide and layouts.

  • Insert Slide Master: You can create a new slide master using this option.
  • Insert Layout: You can insert a new layout in your current slide master using this option.
  • Delete helps you delete a slide master,
  • Rename helps to rename the name of the slide master,
  • Preserve helps you to save the slide master for later use.
  • Insert Placeholder helps you add the following to your layouts.

Insert Placeholder

You can create or edit themes using the Edit Theme and Background options. Finally, to close the slide master view, click on the Close Master View button. So, open your Slide master in articulate storyline and start creating some wonderful layouts for your course and same time.

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