Using LMS To Calculate Learning Hours

Using LMS To Calculate Learning Hours


Now a days every organization is looking for a learning management system to host, manage and track all the trainings. One of the reasons to move towards LMS is tracking and retrieving the required information in the form of reports. These reports will be used to estimate ROI on trainings or get any information about the trainings or learners performance. It does not require any paper or manual work to track the attendance or grades. Everything can be done online, sitting at one location we can see the status of all trainings happening in an organization.

LMS can manage both eLearning and instructor-led-training. In addition to that it can also manage collaborative learning. It is capable of hosting and tracking any kind of online trainings material like, audio, video, PDF manuals or other related documents. As the technology growing too fast, mobile learning is becoming more popular or has become an urgent requirement for some organizations to serve the trainings on the go to the learners.

As you may have noticed, there are various types of trainings, content is in different formats and there is a variety of mobile devices. On seeing this all a few questions may arise in your mind:

  • Can LMS track the actual learning hours of a learner?
  • Can we calculate the total number of hours spent by all learners in a particular course?
  • Can we calculate the total number of hours the whole organization spent on learning?
  • Should we calculate the eLearning & collaborative learning just by assuming some fixed duration?
  • Should training manager maintain these learning hours manually in a spread sheet for analysis?

Based on these questions, which were actually asked by our internal training manager, CommLab India has developed a customized plugin in Moodle which is an Open Source LMS. We have Moodle expert programmers’ team who created this customized report. This report can be filtered to get the required result course wise or learner wise. We also have to export it to spreadsheet to download and save it for further analysis.

E-learning and collaborative learning hours will be calculated based on the actual time spent on a particular activity or a course either from Desktop, Laptop, or from any mobile device. We can see the current learning hours whenever we want using this report. No need to wait until course completion. ILT hours will be calculated based on the course duration mentioned at the time of creating the ILT session. We can calculate the entire organization learning hours for a fiscal year based on start and end date available in the report.

To conclude , it is possible to create any customized report in the LMS which can ease the training managers’ effort in training analysis. They can easily compare and monitor the learning hours spent by whole organization with the estimated time for a particulate fiscal year for further analysis.

Does your LMS have this type of report to calculate learning hours of your organization? Do you have any other suggestions to enhance this report?