Creating Your Own User Profile Fields in Moodle LMS

Creating Your Own User Profile Fields in Moodle LMS

Creating Your Own User Profile Fields in Moodle LMS

Moodle is the most preferred online learning platform. As it is open source software it’s very popular. It can be easily customized according to our requirements.

In this blog, let us discuss about a requirements of one of our clients. The client wanted us to change the user profile fields. A user profile field is needed to store the user details and will appear when a new user is added. By default, Moodle allows us to provide a few types of information in the user profile field. But, the client asked us to add a few more fields. Let’s see how to add the new fields.

Moodle provides various fields, and all these may not be used by some companies. On the other hand, some firms may require more fields. As the use of user fields vary from company to company, we need to keep on changing it accordingly.

Only the administrator has the authority to add/remove the user fields. When the administrator logs into the LMS, he can see an extra options in his home page in Moodle/LMS i.e. Site Administration. To change the user field, he has to go to:

Site administration->Users->Account->User profile fields.

Site administration

Here, you can see a default category “Other”. Whenever you add a new user field, it will added in this category as shown below.

Here, you can see that I have already added the designation, status and user type fields which are shown under Other fields.

At the end of the page, you can see an options such as “Create a new Profile field” in a dropdown menu. You can also many other options to create a new field like Checkbox, Date/Time, Dropdown Menu, Text Area and Text input, as shown below.

Create a new Profile field

Select the appropriate option and you will be navigated to the next page. Based on field type selected, it will ask you to provide inputs like field name, options (in dropdown), number of characters (for text input) etc. A few common inputs, which we need to provide in all field types, are shown below.

A few common inputs

As you can see, in above image, the system asks you to provide a few inputs such as Is this field required? If you say Yes, then a red asterisk will be placed beside the field and it is made mandatory. The user MUST fill the field while providing user data. .

If you select the option Yes for Is this field locked, then the training manager cannot alter the input s provided.

You can display the field on the signup page by selecting Yes for Display on signup page? You can see a dropdown menu in Category, and by default you will have other fields (as shown). It will display the new category (if you have created one) in Category.And, if you want to hide any default category; you need to do it in the program (editlib.php) which you can find in lms/user.

I hope this blog helps you create new user fields. Please feel free to contact me with your queries on Moodle or other LMSs.

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