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6 Questions to Ask About User Management While Selecting an LMS

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6 Questions to Ask About User Management While Selecting an LMS

MR. Sam Davis, owner of a professional training organization is an experienced classroom trainer and an expert in training corporate employees. He is running a successful classroom training business and wants to convert them to online courses and sell them. For this purpose, he requires an online learning platform to host the courses, manage the users and sell his courses online.

Sam heard about the open source LMS Moodle that can be used for hosting and selling his courses online. But he was in a dilemma as to how Moodle can help him in managing the users. He approached us with his requirements on user management, which I would like to share, along with the answers we have given.

Q1. Does the LMS allow self-registration with administrator approval?

Self-registration is a feature that allows learners to register by themselves. Moodle can be customized to set an account approval security level where administrators will receive an e-mail notification for the account confirmation. If the user is a valid user, then the administrator can confirm the account. Account confirmation notification will be sent to users automatically by the system.

LMS allow self-registration with administrator approval

Q2. Does it allow for customizing the self-registration fields to define user groups?

New fields can be added to the self-registration forms and existing ones can be deleted according to the requirements.In the screenshot below, you can see all the customized profile fields. We can set any field as mandatory or optional.

Customizing the self-registration fields to define user groups

Q3. Does it allow automatic password recovery?

If the learner forgets his password we can set the “Forget password?” option, which will send the reset password link only to the registered emails of the learners.

Automatic password recovery

Q4. Does it allow to import users using an MS Excel worksheet?

We can customize Moodle so that it can import the data via MS Excel. For example, we can fill all the users’ data into Excel worksheet and import that file into the LMS. With this method we can create thousands of users quickly.

Import users using an MS Excel worksheet

Q5. Does it allow to import users into user groups?

This is called inter-group migration. We can set the group field in the Excel spreadsheet. Accordingly group user accounts will be created.

Import users into user groups

Q6. Does it allow to change user names?

It allows changing the username. It is possible to change the username anytime. The LMS will consider the e-mail address as unique identification for user accounts.

Allow to change user names

These are samples of questions he asked us on user management. Do you have any more questions?

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