4 Reasons to Use ActionScript 3.0 in Your Flash-Based E-learning Courses

4 Reasons to Use ActionScript 3.0 in Your Flash-Based E-learning Courses

ActionScript 3.0 in Flash is a robust programming model that lends itself to develop complex interactions and simulations in eLearning courses easier when compared to the earlier version.It is completely a new structure for the scripting language.

Here is a list of what got changed and the benefits of using AS3 over the previous versions such as ActionScript2.

1. Organized and improved object-oriented structure:

The advanced version of ActionScript AS3 has got the improved object-oriented programming structure that includes runtime typing, sealed classes, packages and namespaces. These advanced programming features also make your code modular and better understandable.

2. Addition of powerful new APIs

Flash Player, versions 9 and 10 have a lot of new features, which can be used only with ActionScript 3.0. ActionScript 3 comprises hundreds of new APIs that allow you to take the advantage of the potential of working with XML rendering, regular expressions, and binary sockets, etc.

For example – It comes with the Sound API that can make a note of the sound level of an audio played in Flash player that be used to master the lip movements of the onscreen character as needed.

This advanced version of ActionScript also supports 3D Flash objects and allows us to create, reposition or rotate 3D Flash objects to create interactive 3D animations, which were not possible with the earlier versions.

The Display List API of ActionScript 3 makes it easier and uniform to work with visual objects.

3. Troubleshooting became simpler:

Compared to ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3 provides options for strict error checking that helps in reducing bugs and errors. ActionScript 3 needs the exact data typing of variables, arguments and function returns, which enhance error checking and provide more information about the errors allowing you to set the problem. These advanced debugging features can actually help you to get rid of the errors before you start running your courses.

4. Can leverage from libraries:

Programmers don’t need to start everything from the scratch; they have the option to leverage from the open source libraries or classes. We can use these open libraries like Papervision to create 3D animations.

With all these new additions, ActionScript 3 offers substantial increase in performance when compared with the previous versions. Giving you more control on the objects, these advancements can speed up your eLearning course development process and additionally, the content or the courses may run smoother.

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