Give a New Life to Your Legacy E-learning Courses Using Articulate Storyline

Give a New Life to Your Legacy E-learning Courses Using Articulate Storyline

Over the years, you might have invested large sums of money in creating legacy eLearning courses. These might have been created carefully, with painstaking efforts by SMEs, training managers or other stakeholders. But now, they have no takers. They are relegated to the cold storage, mainly because the courses have not kept pace with changing times and user needs. What can you do? Do you let that initial investment go down the drain?

Not necessarily. You can make use of your legacy courses by converting them into a format that is easily read by latest devices and browsers.

You can re-invent legacy eLearning courses and make them suitable for latest media such as iPads and smartphones

Let’s see how one of our clients benefited from this initiative.

One of our clients had an existing eLearning curriculum with courses that focused on individual health and fitness. The curriculum had 9 courses to be taken one after the other for increased knowledge on the subject. All these courses were developed using Flash. These courses were created for a particular user-base in mind – primarily home makers or executives with access to a desktop computer.

However, over the years, their user base has changed. Today, their users areconstantly on the move, love to multi-task and practically live with their iPad and smartphone at all times. As these courses were not compatible to iPads, tablets and other smartphones, they found few takers. As a result, the courses that were painstakingly developed with a lot of time and money, were being utilized less and less.

CommLab’s Solution

CommLab helped them convert these Flash-based courses into the HTML 5 format. We used Articulate Storyline for the purpose. As you may know, Flash courses can be rich and interactive with scenarios, animations and interactivities. The client preferred that the original richness of the course be intact. Using Storyline’s inbuilt features, we re-created Flash like interactivities to ensure courses retained the original charm. Lot of elements were re-used and re-purposed to create the iPad compatible course that ensured wider audience.

It makes a lot of sense to re-purpose the existing repository of eLearning courses by re-inventing them to suit the changing user preferences. With technologies and formats that keep changing constantly, it makes a lot of sense. Don’t you agree?

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