Translating RTL Courses Using Flash

Translating RTL Courses Using Flash

Translating RTL Courses Using Flash

Scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, are written from the right to the left (RTL) of the page. While translating these courses in Flash, our developers find it challenging, as earlier versions of Flash( 9) doesn’t support RTL text flow. Let’s delve a little more into the problem and the solution we use for translating the RTL text in Flash tool.

Our translation process consists of the following steps:

1. Developers export the eLearning course developed in Flash into .xml files, a format that is easier for the translation team to handle.

2. The translation team translates the .xml file and,

3. Developers then place the translations back into the .SWF files or Flash tool.

We have successfully executed many translation projects, for left to right languages, based on the above process. However, the translation becomes enigmatic, when it comes to RTL languages.

The difficulty is that Flash reads the Hebrew text as English text, i.e reading the text from left to right. Hence Flash will mirror image the content direction from left to right. For example if you have entered the word HELLO, and you will keep getting OLLEH, when trying to place the content into the source .SWF files. Rearranging and manipulating the content does not work, as the content always gets swapped in Flash.

Is there a standard way to work with Right to Left languages in Flash?

Our step

Text Conversion for Hebrew Language

We developed a tool to reverse the direction of Hebrew text. It has two boxes Input box for entering the text and Reverse box that reverses the text. Once the text is entered into the input box, text appears in the left to right format. We then move the cursor over to the reverse box, so that the text will be reversed back to normal. The reversed content is copied from the reverse box and entered into Flash tool. It perfectly displays the content from Right to Left.

If you have any more ideas to translate RTL languages in Flash, do share with us.

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